Gemological Appraisal

Taksering av Smykker og Edelstener


Natural or synthetic?

To be able to evaluate a gemstone today, it is not only necessary to be able to see the difference between a synthetic and a natural gemstone, but also to recognize the treatment methods the stone was exposed to. (Over 95% of sapphires and rubies are heat treated to intensify the color and they are commercially traded). A great deal are also treated with chemicals and dyes that can make the stone less durable. There are large price differences between synthetic, heat-treated, untreated natural, and beryllium-treated gemstones.

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Why choose Sirius Gems?

  • Graduate Gemologist - GIA

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  • Specialized in natural & synthetic diamonds

  • Trained in detecting treatments in sapphires and rubies

  • 25 years of experience in jewelry business

  • Modern gemological equipment

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