Our Services


Rough Gemstones

We have gemological equipment to identify rough gemstones, like sapphires, rubies and emeralds and can issue Identification Reports which is necessary for further valuation..



We are specialized in pearl grading. A “pearl” may be plastic, shell pearl, cultured freshwater pearl or saltwater pearl. The value can vary greatly depending on type, which can be hard to detect by the untrained eye.


Cut Gemstones

We have years of experience of identifying and valuating loose cut gemstones, or gemstones set in jewelry.  We can issue Identification Reports or/and  Value Replacement Report (Forsikringstakst).



We provide appraisals for jewelry for insurance purposes (Forsikringstakst), sales (Salgstakst), or estate (Arvetakst), with a detailed description of the piece and an assessment of its value based on market research.


Identification Report

In order to evaluate a cut gemstone it is necessary to identify the gem: a blue stone can be glass, zircon, natural sapphire,  synthetic sapphire, topaz aquamarine and much more. This Identification Report gives a full description of the gem with all ”4 C´s”: carat, color, clarity and cut. Only after identifying a gemstone we can elaborate a Value Replacement Report.

Value Replacement

After identifying and examining the gem or jewelry we issue the Value Replacement Report which reflects the market price. This document will make it easier for you to get a fast and fair settlement from your insurance company. Secure copies will also be held on your behalf.


We appraise for jewelry and loose gemstones, for jewelry companies as well as private individuals.



We give short courses in gemology in general. We can also adjust a course according to your special needs.


We can provide professional or expert advice in all fields of gemology for jewelry shops, importers, customs, insurance companies or individuals.



We charge a fee of 780NOK per hour, regardless of the value of appraised item.